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Machine learning project together with mogree GmbH

With the Linz-based company mogree (, the „Web Intelligence and Innovation Laboratory“ of the „Digital Media“ department is starting a research project funded by the FFG over several years in the field of artificial intelligence. The research project is being supported financially by the FFG in the high six-figure range.

The project is headed by Prof. Andreas Stöckl, who sees great potential in the project, as it is based on machine learning methods from the field of „Natural Language Processing“, which the research group has already successfully used in several projects, and which come from an area in which great progress has been made in recent years.

The cooperation with the company is very close and fruitful, among other things because many graduates of our „Mobility & Energy“ department are with the company. This makes us particularly proud and shows the quality of our training.

The research project is scheduled to last several years and is currently in the conception phase. The aim of the project is to develop models that will be used in all industries and company sizes in the future. „The project is designed in such a way that the results can later be used in the form of a product by a small bakery as well as by an industrial giant like voestalpine. In short, it is about how to use data to make companies sustainably successful for the future. Such a solution is currently not available on the market and we are also conducting some basic research as part of the project,“ reveals Sulejman Ganibegovic, Head of Digital Strategy at mogree.

Press release of the company: