WIN-LAB ist eine Forschungsgruppe des Departments für digitale Medien an der FH OÖ Campus Hagenberg, Fachhochschule für Informatik, Kommunikation und Medien. Die Forschungsgruppe beschäftigt sich mit Multimedia Web Applikationen und der Analyse und Präsentation von Mediendaten.



The Research Group

WIN-LAB is a research group founded by the Department of Digital Media at the Upper Austria University of Applied Sciences, Department of Computer Science, Communication and Media in Hagenberg. The research group focuses on multimedia web applications and the analysis and presentation of media data.

In cooperation with other research groups from the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Information Systems and Technology, application-oriented research projects are realized with companies from different industries.

Multimedia Applications

Big Data

Artificial Intelligence


For more information concerning the current projects click the link below.


Our research group focuses on projects with different cooperation partners.


  • HAKOM and LeanXcale about Integration, Domain and Persistency

    Big Power Data with HAKOM and LeanXcale

    HAKOM Time Series supports companies in the Energy Field with processing Time Series Data and KPIs
    LeanXcale is a promising new SQL database with fast key-value data ingestion and linear horizontal scalability supporting ACID transactions.

  • Interface des Spacehuddle

    Spacehuddle: Game-Assisted Brainstorming

    Spacehuddle is a web-based collaborative brainstorming tool for a scalable number of users. The platform uses utilizes various modules, including game-based activities, to structure and motivate typical brainstorming activities.

  • Verbandsplaner supports associations at all levels of administration – Credits

    Data Cleansing for

    AI-supported data import with intelligent data cleansing, data enrichment and transformation to target format.

  • Meeting für das Mogree Machine Learning Projekt

    Predictive Innovation

    Methods for detecting „hot topics“ in news, publications, and patents are being developed. Interactive visualizations are developed for these „topics“, which support companies in the idea generation process.


The Playful Interactive Environments (PIE) research group is also located in the vicinity of the Department of Digital Media and is dedicated to the multimedia topics of computer games and animation.

For the WIN-LAB there are opportunities for cooperation in the field of data visualization, online games, game-based learning or net-worked playful applications.

In various projects, WIN-LAB relies on the scientific staff of the Advanced Information Systems and Technology (AIST) Laboratory with experience in machine learning and software development.

Our workflow





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