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Big Power Data with HAKOM and LeanXcale

In October 2021 WinLab started the Big Power Data project included in the 7th Energy Program of FFG. HAKOM TSM launched a cloud-first strategy to meet new requirements in the energy field resulting from the challenges they face from the increasing share of green electricity in the European Power Grid. The main focus of the platform is on Time Series Data, but it fits KPIs as well. HAKOM TSM supports SQL, NoSQL, inMemory and in the near future NewSQL databases in the cloud and on premise. The main challenge is to scale out with ACID transactions. Therefore, some NoSQL solutions known for horizontal scalability based on BASE do not fit. That is where LeanXcale comes into play. LeanXcale is one of a few, that supports linear scalability with fast ingestions and ACID transactions. More Details you can find here